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Bangladesh to import 600,000 tons of Rice
According to Badrul Hasan, the head of the Directorate General of Food, Bangladesh (the fourth largest producer of rice) will import 600,000 tonnes of rice in an effort to replenish reserves and rein in prices of the staple, as local prices have hit a record high and state reserves are at a six-year low.
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Pakistan's Rice faces tough competition from Indian Rice
Nasir Ilyas, a leading exporter and active member of Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP), said that the rice exporters attending the Gulfood were highly dejected at seeing their products losing out to Indian products.
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Aromatic Rice, Gobindo Bhog, sowed more on rising world demand
Govindo Bhog, that has a natural rose aroma, traditionally grown in the green farms of West Bengal, the largest Rice producing state in India, is finding greater demand in the world market. As 80% is consumed to cater to home consumers, the farmers sow seeds of this sweet fragrant rice to meet the world demand.
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Saudi - India JV to create Basmati Rice distribution hub in Dubai
A USD 27 million Saudi-India joint venture to supply Basmati rice to consumers in the Middle East has been established in Dubai, making the city the largest hub for rice storage and distribution in the MENA region.
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India prepares to regain 'Largest Exporter' tag
Sharp rise in demand from the US, Europe and the middle-eastern countries for Basmati rice and Africa and Asian countries for non-Basmati rice, India is all set emerge as worldâs top rice exporters in the current fiscal. 
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